Elites rigged Referendum!

IT was rigged folks!

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Why did RTE fail to fully inform the VOTERS of the BIGGEST NEWS STORY of the entire Referendum campaign?
Why have voters been kept in the dark about the revelations concerning HARRIS/VARADKAR and the disgraced former HSE boss Tony O’Brien’s links to the abortion industry in IRELAND?
Is this the biggest COVER-UP of all time?
Tony O’Brien, former HSE boss and well known advocate of abortion was the Chief Executive of the IFPA, an affiliate organisation to the global abortion providers – International Planned Parenthood (IPPA). He was appointed as head of HSE in 2012.
International Planned Parenthood was exposed just last year when its staff were filmed negotiating prices for the sale of body parts of aborted babies – baby’s livers and intact brains were fetching very high prices. All of the body parts were for sale, including arms, legs, hearts, lungs etc. Intact bodies, i.e. those not torn apart were in big demand.
Minister for Health, Simon Harris authorized HSE boss Tony O’Brien to join the Board of EVOFEM, a company involved in the supply of ABORTION SUCTION MACHINES AND ABORTION PILLS, why? Did he not see the conflict of interest here?
Why was the huge ‘secret’ fundraiser to get Leo elected as Taoiseach organised by ‘high flying businessman’ Thomas Lynch, Director of that same company, EVOFEM who is currently Chairperson of Dublin East Hospital Group? That hospital group of which Mr. Lynch is chairperson includes in its remit the National Maternity Hospital. It is noteworthy that the current Master of the Maternity Hospital, Dr. Rhona O’Mahony and her brother-in-law the former Master of the National Maternity Hospital, Dr. Peter Boylan are the leading figures in the push for the repeal of the Eight Amendment.
After Leo was elected Taoiseach, he abandoned his pro-life position and backed the repeal campaign
Were all these main players put in place to facilitate the abortion industry’s ‘Walk Into Ireland’ to set up their business here in the hope that the Referendum would pass? The sale of abortion equipment, the procedure to kill the baby known as ‘a service’ and the sale of the body parts is all part of the Multi-Billion Dollar Abortion Industry.
Obviously, the Referendum has little to do with compassion for women but everything to do with Big Business http://www.thelifeinstitute.net/information/pp-sells-baby-parts/
Move fast and send this to all your contacts.
There’s only a few hours to get the truth out especially to undecided voters and to all the well-intentioned voters on the repeal side.
Many most innocent of lives depend on it.

Date for the Diary!



Great analysis on the referendum



Do you know what this


is about?

Did you know?

This government and elites wants to try to force on us abortion on demand to kill healthy children right up to birth!

You are NOT being asked to vote in this referendum on the hard cases of rape or incest – you are being asked to vote on healthy children, who have Nothing wrong with them being killed through abortion right up to birth! This government have gone for the Most extreme measure.

The only protection the Irish child has is with the 8th Amendment.  The 8th amendment protects and defends the child’s right to be alive. That’s why we love it.

The 8th amendment fully protects the mother of the child…it allows doctors to save the life of the mother, Always, over and above the life of the child.

According to the World Health Authority, Ireland is the safest place in the world to have a child…Because of our 8th amendment. No Woman has EVER died in Ireland because of the 8th Amendment.  The 8th Amendment in fact protects pregnant women 100%.

If, hypothetically Ireland was to remove that piece of legislation, the Irish child would have ZERO rights under Irish law…and we would hand over TOTAL CONTROL to our POLITICIANS to do whatever they want with our children, WITHOUT any further consultation with us the Irish people or even with doctors.

Do you Trust politicians with our children’s lives?

Do you want to hand over complete and total control of our children’s lives to politicians?

The politicians and the media have been lying to you folks!

VOTE NO on May 25th. 

RTE Claire Byrne Referendum Debate – Majority of Ireland has seen this…have you?

Warning! Graphic and Foul Language!….Pro-Life canvasser putting up posters…assaulted by pro-abortion man in Galway! – Viral Video 

Referendum Video – Do you know what your voting on?


NO BODY in Ireland wants this!





Main Referendum Debate between No versus Yes. 

25 FACTS and Reasons to Protect

Irish children by...Voting NO on May 25th

We could have given you a 1,000 reasons, but here’s key reasons. 

Get the Facts, Not the Spin!

Number 1:

Abortion stops a heart beat!

Number 2: 

The Government Lies!

The head of the government campaign trying to tell you to vote for abortion REFUSES TO answer even one question put to her by the people!  – The politicians are lying to you! 

Simon Harris, current Minister for Health – said he was 100% pro-life before he was elected and now he is campaigning for killing of Irish children.  Below is an email from him clearly stating he would OPPOSE any legislation to introduce abortion in Ireland! He has also REFUSED up to this point, to debate the issue for the Irish people on either Radio or TV!



Leo Varadkar also totally blatantly lied to the people of Ireland!


The TRUTH Video…Leo Varadkar doesn’t want you to see!


Regina Doherty, Minister for Social ‘Protection’! Says… she will NOT accept a NO vote from the Irish people!


Remember sometimes LIES and propaganda come with smiles.
It’s only a clump of cells.
it’s ONLY up to 12 weeks.
It’s not really a human yet.
It’s happening all over the world.
It is not cool to kill a child!
Abortion stops a heart beat!
Travelling to kill a child in England, Scotland or Wales is not Cool! – Jurisdiction doesn’t change the fact, that it is Not Right to kill a child!
We do not want this in Ireland.
We will protect and defend Irish children.
The 8th amendment gives full protection for both mother and child. VOTE NO



It’s ok for politicians to come knock on your door and “Harass” you for a vote but don’t dare try approach them in public and ask them a simple question!….Social Democrats embarrass themselves (watch from 3:25 onwards) using bullying & false accusation harassment techniques in public refusing to answer what a yes vote for abortion will achieve to a member of the public. 


Repeal campaign LIES exposed on radio…they say the child should have ZERO protection in law! I don’t think that makes for very good laws – she says!!!


AND THEN THERE’S TRUTH!..Elected Government TD warning you Not to Trust this Government – that this proposal is Extreme!

Number 3:


Savita Halappanava, a lovely Indian woman sadly died of an infection, which was 100% proven by 3 independent enquires and also the Irish Courts.

1 HIQA – proved she died of an infection
2 the HSE – proved she died on an infection
3 the State Coroner – proved she died of an infection

The journalist who broke the story has had 2 abortions and the paper she works for, The Irish Times admitted after the court case that Savita died of an infection, NOT because she could not get an abortion!


It was an extremely isolated case in Irish history which was proven 100% by doctors and in the courts to have been caused by an infection and medical negligence by the hospital in Galway and NOT because she could not have an abortion, which the repealers are still trying to lie to you and tell you it was.

This is the biggest Lie of the campaign because the pro-abortionists are finding it very difficult to “sell” the idea to the Irish people, that it is cool to kill a child…so instead they are using a woman’s death and the death of that woman and her husband’s child for their own evil purposes and gain.

The Irish courts have very rightly compensated her husband for this medical negligence.

The LIE that Savita died because she could not have an abortion was SPUN and is till being SPUN and is being used by the repeal to further their own gain.   This is TOTAL SPIN and LIES by repealers and they are Still spinning that lie tying to trick you to vote for abortion. They are completely dishonouring this woman’s name and life!

The repealers repulsively smeared dog shit onto the pro life offices and stuck photos of Savita’s face onto that!  They used the tragic death of this woman in the most Repulsive way to promote the killing of a child through abortion and they are still doing it today. It is total manipulation and lies. Here we give you the truth.


Savita’s husband had to issue a statement through this solicitors because of what was going on.  He categorically told the repealers to STOP pretending that his wife’s death was because she could not get an abortion and to stop twisting things to suit their agenda.  He recognised his wife’s death had nothing to do with the fact that she could not have an abortion and indeed died from an infection and miscarriage.

The Irish Times who broke the fake news story that she died because she could not get an abortion…were later forced to admit the TRUTH about Savita after her husband rightly took the State to court.  You might like to know that The journalist that wrote this fake story has had 2 abortions.  It was only after the court case that the Irish Times finally admitted that Savita died of a Miscarriage and infection.  However they created much fake news with their story, that led many to be deceived that she died because she could not get an abortion and this lie went around the world.  Others such as Mary Lou McDonald from Sinn Fein and Brid Smith and fake news media…are continuing to use this LIE as spin for the repeal side on you, the Irish voter to try and convince you that it is cool to kill a child through abortion.

Repealers are trying to fool people on this issue, using the death of this beautiful women for their own spin and lies! Shame on them!  But…Now you know the truth.


Number 4:

The Irish media are biased and are Lying to you…But why?

Because their union, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), it is their policy dictated from England from 1979 to try and push abortion on demand, wherever they have members!

Well! Well!. Now we know why almost every journalist and media person is trying to “sell” you the idea that it’s cool to kill a child through abortion….But where then does independent and impartial reporting of news come into this?  The answer is: It doesn’t!

It is completely biased 😦


Once Journalists in Ireland found out in 1980 about the NUJ abortion policy  70 journalists resigned from the NUJ, what happened then?….  their livelihoods were threatened by the NUJ!

One Journalist Billy Quirke took them to court who was blacked from his job for resigning from the NUJ in objection to their Abortion on Demand policy.  He took that union to the High Court in Dublin to secure an injunction against the NUJ restraining it from interfering with his livelihood as a journalist and the union caved in before the judge was going to rule against the union.

Billy was a well-known GAA reporter. He was also President of the Adoptive Parents Association of Ireland and as such objected to the NUJ instructing him on how to write about abortion and telling him he could only write articles promoting abortion on demand.

So in effect these journalists were told how they could only write in a way that promotes abortion! – this completely goes against all ethics of journalism!


The Irish Times and the Irish Examiner both published a Fake News poll that said 75% of Irish doctors wanted abortion in Ireland! Although it was retracted…nobody sought to check such a glaringly obvious piece of Fake News!

The head of RTE  is nominated by the government….this means they are not impartial…and promote only what the government of the day wants to promote.

RTE said that there were only 15,000 people at the pro-life rally.  The truth was there was over 100,000+ people at the rally which lasted for nearly two hours.  Terrible that our media are now lying for our Cromwellian government agenda.

Irish Film Directors expose dark side of abortion industry 

Number 5:  

100,000 Irish people are alive today because of the protection of 8th Amendment.

Remove that, and it’s the equivalent of killing Every single university student or one student in every primary school class room in Ireland!  Are you ok with that?



Number 6: 

The recent Supreme court action to remove ALL protection from the pre born child has meant that the ONLY protection now the unborn child has…is with the 8th amendment.   If that were to be hypothetically removed…then the government could do what they want, when they want…full birth abortion, any time, any place, for any reason! There are NO LIMITS!…And they can do this WITHOUT EVER consulting the Irish people or doctors on it first through referendum again! Do you trust these politicians with the lives of our children?

one of us


If you vote yes, you deny the child all their rights and safeguards! – Confirmed by Supreme Court of Ireland. This is Shocking! An animal hypothetically would have more rights than a child!


Number 7: 

According to the World Health Organisation, Ireland is the safest place IN THE WORLD TO HAVE A CHILD.

The life of a woman under the 8th amendment gets priority over the child.  No woman in Ireland has EVER died because of the 8th amendment, this is total spin by a repeal doctor Peter Moylan who the Savethe8th campaign have asked to RESIGN because of his lies.

TD Mattie McGrath in the Irish Dail questioned this doctor to ask him to name one woman who has died because of the 8th…and his answer was that he could not think of one! – Get the Truth, not the Spin!


Both Irish women and children in the womb are already 100% completely protected and looked after very well by our maternity hospitals under Irish law as it stands. So there is no need to change our law.  If it ain’t broken…do not change it.

These Doctors are telling you 100% Truth and nothing but the Truth and to Vote NO





Lies from both Peter Boylan and Rhona Mahony Slammed down 100% by Emminent Obstetricians and Gynaecologists! The Truth Always Wins over lies. 


This is the quote from THOUSANDS of expert Irish doctors who are working in the area of gynaecology and obstetrics, they have all signed this declaration confirming that the LIE put out by repealers, including this doctor Peter Boylan that the mother’s life is not protected with the 8th Amendment…is a complete and total LIE.  dublindeclaration.jpg


Number 8:

The majority of Doctors, Nurses and Mid wives in Ireland have categorically told the Minister for Health, Simon Harris that they will NOT become abortionists by giving out the abortion pill as the Minister for Heath is saying they hypothetically would have to do.  This is a major blow to the repeal side.  Well done to the Irish doctors.  Below are the faces of a ‘repeal’ vote from a South American abortion factory.



Number 9: 

Lawyers telling you the Truth and nothing but the Truth and to VOTE NO

Lawyers including a High Court Judge who was also a Referendum Judge and a European Court of Justice Judge have issued a statement on 19/04/18 to say that what you are voting for…is…Abortion on demand! 100% Correct….and that this government has LIED to you the people of Ireland!  And are advising you to VOTE NO.   Thank you to the lawyers for telling the truth on this issue.  Shame on this government for lying to the people of Ireland!






The Citizens Assembly was rigged! It was supposed to be set up with representatives of every day citizens of Ireland to way up the pros and cons of our 8th Amendment but was proven to be rigged, when it was exposed that the recruiter, recruited her pro-abortion repeal friend and six of her other friends, instead of random selection.

Nobody has resigned for this failed assembly…Also FG TDS admitted that the assembly would deliver the result recommendation that they wanted which was to have a referendum in Ireland.  This was BEFORE the Assembly even meet once!

You cannot trust this government.



Number 10:

The child in the womb suffers a lot of pain when their arms are ripped out of their sockets one by one, their legs are pulled out, their head is dismembered and their skull is crushed and the fluid that spills out is their brains.

Abortion is extreme violence on a child and the child feels a lot of pain…the child actually recoils straight away when the weapons to kill the child are inserted into the woman’s cervix.



Number 11: 

Repealers call themselves pro-choice!…A ‘Choice’ is what you will have for Breakfast!…Not whether you can kill a child or not!

Fatal fetal abnormality is not a medical term as been rejected by medical doctors! They have said it should be called Life Limiting Illnesses…but this is to over-hype the situation to make you believe it’s ok to kill a child.

A hypothetical change to our 8th Amendment would mean these children would be on the repealers hit list! children with cleft palates, clubbed feet, autistic children, down syndrome children, and any other children….in effect…this is eugenics.

Irish woman on the Late Late Show who was going to England to have abortion, her child is alive today Because of the 8th amendment being in our constitution…if it was removed…her child would have been killed because she would have made a rash decision. 




Irish women’s lives ripped apart…because of abortion! Nobody wins! Vote No. 

Trauma. Anger. Regret. Guilt. Broken Hearted. Dying Inside – Irish Women after Abortion


Number 12:

Famous Miss C Case comes forward on Video and tells you to VOTE NO – not to trust politicians and government that they used her! What she wanted was help and support, not to kill her child – that’s what we want for Ireland, not abortion. 

In cases of rape…85% of rape victims go onto have their child.  Those that have an abortion, say the effects of killing their child through abortion were much much worse than the rape itself.

The child should not be killed because of the crimes of the rapist.  That is pre-meditated murder.



Abortion harder to deal with than the Rape – Miss C Case tells you – Nothing good comes from killing another human being.  



Number 13:

The effects on both a man and woman who have contributed to an abortion are horrendous…and this impacts massively on our society at large through ill metal health.

If there were no effects of abortion…why then is there so many post-abortion counsellors who are reported to be very busy now during this referendum campaign?





Is it a person in the womb? – That question is answered in this video

Number 14:

Vice-President of the USA Mike Pence said this year that abortion will be Illegal in our life time.  Slavery once was thought of by a few cruel people to be cool, just like repealers think killing a child is cool,…but now we are totally horrified by it and it is the most violent thing a human can do to another human being.

Regina Doherty, FG Minister for Social Protection…admitted that it “Would be a Hard Sell” to the Irish people to make them believe that it was cool to kill a child!…

Abortion is pre-meditated murder. And spin will not work on the Irish people.  They are smarter than that!



Number 15:

When A pregnant woman is killed…it is registered legally as a ‘double homicide’….Why? Because 2 people have died. Mother and Child. Repealers will try and make you believe that it is not a child…by changing and softening the language…however…science tells you otherwise, that it is a living and breathing child.

2 humans do not produce… a non-human!



Number 16:

The Lord God says:

“Before I formed you in the womb…I knew you, Before you were born, I set you apart. ” – Jeremiah 1:5

He also says: “Thou Shalt Not Kill” – everyone knows it is Not Right to kill a child!

Vote No for the Little People

Number 17:

If the 8th Amendment was removed, nurses, doctors, carers and other medical staff in hospitals would be forced against their will to kill a child through an abortion up to 9 months!  Nobody should be forced to kill another human living being against their will.


Number 18:

Real Equality starts in the Womb! This referendum is Nothing like the Marriage Equality one, it is Totally Different! Despite repealers trying to fool people that they are similar! They are not!

Real women, and Real men, Defend, Not Destroy a child’s life.




Number 19:


Amnesty International received a payment illegally from George Soros, an ex-Nazi and globalist who is to trying to push for full birth abortion in Ireland.  They have received Illegal funding from him to do this – He is interfering with democracy in our Ireland!

The Irish government have told them to return this money immediately…and they are refusing to give it back! Defying the Irish State and thus the Irish people!

They need to be taken into the criminal courts for this and the Irish judiciary and charity regulator need to curtail them from operating operating until they return this fraudulently acquired finance.





Number 20: 

There is no greater human rights violation, than denying the right for another person to live their life.  Without the right to life…All other human rights are meaningless.



Number 21:

Women need more support to care for their children through counselling and financial help when they find that they are with child…not access to killing their child.

Maria’s Story – 3 Abortions…and Voting NO.





Number 22:


Government Intimidation of Civil Service Staff

Government Email circulated intimidating 100,000 Health Service Executive (HSE) staff telling them can only speak out on this referendum in a personal capacity on media or else they would face disciplinary action, despite TDs Simon Harris and Leo Varadkar doing the exact and complete opposite of this!!!

Simon Harris campaigned with Amnesty International who are defying the Irish government and refusing to give back illegal donation from George Soros and who are campaigning for full birth abortion and Leo Varadkar tweeted publicly for people to donate to and support the ‘repeal’ campaign.  Both doing Exactly what this email is telling, the ‘little people’ Not to do! Total Hypocrisy.


Mark McAuley BANNED FROM YOUTUBE for 3 months for posted this pro-life video on Youtube – click on link below to view, the video that was banned. 

As he said, he can post on men killing each other with guns! but not post a video of a child still alive after an abortion!


Another man caught the video and here it is…THE VIDEO THEY NOT WANT YOU TO SEE.

Click on link


Number 23: 

90% of the posters in Dublin have been REMOVED by Repealers!

REPEALERS CAUGHT DESTROYING pro-life posters AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH all around Ireland…even painting over some of them and bragging about it on twitter! And others taking down posters!repealerpaintingrepealer


This poster above with the child with the umbilical and been destroyed and replaced twice! And these are expensive to get printed!






















Number 24: 

The image speaks for itself!



Number 25:

In other countries…after Abortion is introduced…then comes EUTHANASIA …THAT MEANS YOU’RE NEXT IN LINE. Think ahead!…Vote NO and Protect Life!


If you can brain wash a person to believe that it’s cool to kill a child through abortion… Like repeal is trying to do… You can brain wash that person into believing anything! Knowledge is power. Here you have the truth.

When you go to the Voting booth:

You are going to be asked to decide whether you will be the defender and protector of a child’s life…or be their executioner?

Which will you be?

irish flag


The People’s Anthem. Vote No! No!

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