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RTE TV Referendum Debate – highly watched

Claire Byrne Live – Both Sides Debate – Truth comes out! –

A child still alive after an abortion! This clip has been censored by social media

Comprehensive – Everything you need to know about 8th Amendment – Very Good

This is NOT the same as the Marriage Equality Referendum..

Hoes need abortions! – gone viral

Real face of repeal! – gone viral

Why we must save the 8th – gone viral

Famous Miss C Case that government and repealers keep using to try to convince you to vote for abortion comes forward on video and says to VOTE NO

Katie Ascough makes Simon Harris reflect on trying to force George Soros’ for  abortion on demand in Ireland

Jim Corr – tells you why to Vote NO – gone viral 

Maria had 3 Abortions and is Voting NO!


Irish 20 somethings tell you Why to vote NO

Vote No for the Little People

Repeal doctor Peter Boylan caught lying Again on TV and his lies exposed and corrected by  Pro-Life Dr John Monaghan

Politicians – refuse to answer ANY questions of the people!

Repealer spokesperson says the child should have ZERO human rights!! 

TD Carol Nolan tells you the truth – NOT to trust politicians on this issue

Real Irish Testimonies of why they love the 8th Amendment


Irish Film Directors uncover live birth abortions in clinic in USA – popular watch

Galway man assaulted by repealer – gone viral


Important question on abortion

Trust the doctors who are telling you to VOTE NO


Woman with Down Syndrome addresses UN about Abortion Genocide of DS people

The Silent Scream – Video on an Abortion – The Classic!

Republicans Cherish All Children Equally


Honest and frank woman abortionist on killing her own child and becoming pro-life – Highly Watched

Is it a person in the womb? – this video answers that question

Responding to pro-abortion posters put up in Ireland!


Joke of the Campaign!


Often a true word…is spoken in jest! enjoy!


Pro-Life Anthem